Creating Modern Digital Assessment Environment for K-12 Education

SwiftAssess is a cloud assessment platform for K-12 education that provides educators with the right tools to allow students’ active learning, higher-order thinking and to measure their knowledge intake. Our assessment software helps schools create a more secure and efficient K-12 exam and assessment environment while helping teachers and administrators reduce workload and save time. In addition, SwiftAssess provides valuable student performance insights that allow educators to focus more on face-to-face interactions required to take students’ learning to the next level.

Ensures K-12 schools are at the forefront of computer-based testing

SwiftAssess empowers K-12 education with the best solutions and products.

• Get a full assessment solution that streamlines exam creation, delivery, and grading.

• Pick from multiple assessment types, including multiple-choice, essays, and more.

• Monitor and enhance students’ learning results while recognizing at-risk students for timely remediation.

• Quickly save all exam questions to a safe item bank to be reused year over year.

• Deliver detailed performance reports to help students improve their performance

Get valuable insight to work smarter

SwiftAssess provides teachers with a user-friendly environment that makes exam creation, exam management, and data analysis easier than ever.

• Administer exams through a secure testing application that works without an internet connection. Create detailed performance reports instantly upon exam completion for teachers, students, and parents.

• View individual students or the entire class performance.

• Add exam questions to specific learning objectives and customize the exam reports.

• Check the validity and success of each exam question to understand if learning objectives are being evaluated consistently.

Get immersive assessment solution

SwiftAssess enables flipped learning to allow students to learn individually using multimedia and 3D-based assessments and activities that interruptedly ask students questions during the session. We also allow computerized adaptive testing, which administers exams that adapt to the examinee’s skills and score on the previous exam.

Use our cloud assessment platform for K-12 education and transform your assessment lifecycle.