Benefits of using SwiftAssess in K-12

With the recent surge in online courses, digital lesson plans, and remote learning, cloud-based assessment platforms are becoming important than ever. These platforms allow significant support for education, from K-12 schools to college students. SwiftAssess is a cloud assessment platform for K-12 education that provides teachers with the right features to enable students’ higher-order thinking, active learning and measure their knowledge input. 

Why should you choose a cloud assessment platform?

  1. Long term cost-saving: cost saving is the top benefit of the cloud assessment platform. As compared to running an on-premise data centre, cloud migration helps an IT ecosystem by helping institutions to shift from capital expenses to expected monthly operating expenses. This predictable monthly expense includes: 
  • Reduced data storage cost
  • Minimal data centre maintenance
  • Less money spent on replacing ageing physical IT hardware
  1. Better collaboration: real-time collaboration is a crucial part of the cloud assessment platform. SwiftAssess cloud assessment platform serves to:
  • Enrich student communication
  • Create educator management portals 
  • Empower remote learning virtual classrooms

Cloud management in education provides plenty of new collaboration possibilities. It’s the most convenient way to build an environment where students and teachers can stay on the same page. 

  1. Secure access and resource availability: a cloud-based assessment also enhances physical and digital access to resources. For instance, SwiftAssess makes it easier for students to access the same materials and learning resources, regardless of the devices or internet browsers they use. 
  2. Scalability: compared with scaling on-premise data centres, SwiftAssess’s cloud platform helps to decrease the cost associated with the facility growth. 
  3. Modern learning environment: SwiftAssess provides the best way to prepare educational institutions for the future. Our modern software can make your school more beneficial for incoming students and empower you to offer a higher standard of learning. 

Use SwiftAssess to avail the following benefits

  • Immersive assessment: allowing flipped learning to enable students to study individually using multimedia and 3D-based assessments and activities which interruptedly asks the student questions during the session.
  • Adult and home exams: assessing secure and independent exams for adults who prefer to stay at home and continue the journey of learning. 
  • Personalized assessments: computerized adaptive testing (CAT) is a method of administering exams that adapts to the examinee’s skills and score on the previous exams.
  • Multiple curriculums: supporting multiple curriculums structures such as the British, American, National and custom structured curriculums.
  • psychometric assessments: you can create a variety of tests and evaluations to measure the student’s essential behaviours, attitudes and skills.

The bottom line

SwiftAssess is a leading cloud assessment platform for k-12, higher education, and vocational education, which has a modern, end-to-end online examination software that helps institutions automate the entire exam process.