What Online Questions Authoring Solutions bring to your Organization ?

Digital student assessment platform has become an influential solution in assessing globally dispersed learners and escalating the flexibility of the test takers. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the world of education as many educational institutions have made the transition to a fully online format. However, there is still a question on assessing students online for what they have learned and grasped during the learning process. Taking online classes and exams by turning paper-based questions into online tests has been a standard practice, but authoring questions using a digital platform, providing online proctoring, and delivering online assessments was less mainstream. The latter is possible due to academic integrity and security concerns.

Nowadays, educational institutions have adopted online student education platforms for various tasks as a “must have” rather than a “nice to have.” The convenience and flexibility of this approach will likely make it less attractive for teachers and students to return to offline exams or test centers. In addition, these solutions assist teachers and examining bodies to author a wide range of question types, including text and multimedia. You can define any questions in the exam pattern from multiple-choice questions to fill in the blanks, from conceptual to analytical, and from multimedia to definition oriented.

Benefits of question authoring using assessment platform

• The comprehensive online question authoring system helps multiple writers and subject matter experts structure the item creation process. There is a common repository where all questions are stored, and teachers can easily manage access and permissions so authors can check relevant questions.

• The assessment platform also helps reduce the amount of time taken to develop and approve questions. Administrators can easily review the questions, provide comments and share them online using the digital solutions in a fraction of time.

• Examiners can also preview questions in the exact form they will appear in the exam paper. The digital solution also helps teachers to construct the question paper in a user-friendly way.

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