SwiftAssess Grading Solutions for Educational Institutions

 Both lesson delivery and assessment has changed in the new millennium. SwiftAssess provides innovative solutions that help speed up the grading process without sacrificing the quality of response you give to your students. It also offers several options for grading that save time and reduce the efforts of graders. In addition, it accelerates the process of effective grading while reducing human errors. Here’s how SwiftAssess helps in simplifying the grading:

Discrete Marking

SwiftAssess allows you to perform grading as per the question forms. Divide your set of exams into different categories to assess and grade them. It helps you add marks based on the stickers and build grading criteria to compute the final grade of the question directly.

Grading Distribution

The mass-grading distribution module of SwiftAssess helps to handle the manual/automatic grading load. It allows load distribution and setting threshold values, cut-off scores and track individual performance.


It also assists in regrading of questions with the wrong configuration and reflecting new marking on all or a specific previous result. It also approves a new version for further distribution.

Manage your rubrics

Create, modify or manage custom rubrics for grading using particular criteria or standards. Select phrases at each level, ensuring they are discrete to show fundamental differences.

SwiftAssess GradeMate App is a comprehensive assignment and assessment solution that allows for manual grading. Download and grade offline at your pace and sync back when you are ready.