How SwiftAssess is Beneficial for Vocational Assessments ?

SwiftAssess is a vocational education assessment platform that recognizes an individual’s current skill, competency, or knowledge in one or more fields and compares that competency level to the required competency standard built for the company’s particular position or other positions. The difference between the existing and required competencies can help decide the training requirements. Rather than assuming that all employees need training or even the same training, management can make an informed decision about the best ways to address competency gaps among individual employees, specific job categories, or groups.

With SwiftAssess, assessment can be conducted at any time, before hiring, after hiring, during a performance review, or when performance improvement is needed. It is crucial to perform these assessments regularly to determine the training needs of an organization, employees’ knowledge, and skills to determine the training needs of an organization.

  1. Get practical evaluation tools: Transform your traditional evaluation to fully interactive, mobile, and automated experiences with multiple ways to capture performance indicators. You can manage your complete evaluation and track seamlessly with minimal clicks and automated actions.
  2. Immersive 3D-based experience: We provide immersive experiences from 3D-based objects to multimedia content that will help learners connect more with the learning material. In addition, it allows active learning, which will affect them positively.
  3. Teachers’ mobile tools: It allows teachers and instructors to have all the required tools such as the mobile grade app and the Observer app for evaluation on any platform. One of the main benefits of using the apps is having your work downloaded offline, allowing teachers to work on it without an internet connection.
  4. Skills, competencies, and outcomes: Focusing on the student’s skills, competencies, and expected results of each lesson given to students, which can be measured and improved.
  5. Assessment virtual labs: Unlock virtual labs that enable learners to experience and interact more with what they learn.
  6. Link activities to external standards: You can link existing activities to a national quality framework with quality standards to enhance education and care across long daycare, preschool, kindergartens, and outside school hours care services.
  7. Perform a gap analysis: Performing a gap analysis involves assessing the current state of employees’ performance and comparing this to the desired level. With proper gap analysis, you can determine the required training levels.

The bottom line

So, use our vocational education assessment platform to train your employees and improve their skills and knowledge.