How AI Proctoring in SwiftAssess Redefining the Digital Assessment?

Since the education industry is experiencing an immense transformation with advanced technologies, educational institutes are looking to conduct examinations remotely. While many educational institutes are closed due to the Covid-19 break, many universities have replaced examination with an assignment that students copy-paste from the internet. SwiftAssess is an assessment software that comes with AI proctoring technology that allows the students to give the exam from home, where a proctor monitors them for the entire duration of the exam. It is an innovative solution that does not let organizations compromise with the educators’ and students’ security, experience, convenience, and feasibility.

AI proctor helps run secure digital assessment sessions for remote test takers and gives additional security by capturing possible cheating events.

How does AI Proctor work?

1. Photo ID & verification: students will be able to enter the exam session using their photo IDs. It will help to verify that if it’s the same student attempting to test.

2. Camera & microphone access: the system access both the camera and microphone for proctoring. It will help to keep a check on the student’s activity in a more efficient way.

3. Taking a session by the student: with computer vision and AI proctor enabled, the system will detect the prohibited activities.

4. Video recording and forensic report: the system will generate a report and analytics for each AI proctored test to provide more details about the activities that occurred in the test.

What benefits does AI proctoring in SwiftAssess provides?

• Scalable and flexible: it can be implemented in any public, private cloud, and dedicated servers with multiple numbers of simultaneous sessions, which doesn’t affect the user experience.

• Capturing cheating events: it helps to capture absent students, an unauthorized person, wrong gaze, window changing, screen sharing, multiple persons, speech capture, and much more.

• Powered by AI: the system is empowered by AI and doesn’t require human proctors to be available and to monitor various sessions through continuous video feeds, captures real-time events without any delay.

• Detailed forensic analysis: it helps to access all session information for each examination session and view all captured and prohibited events, search and watch video feeds and related clips.

• Extendible by design: with this technology, you can bring the real-time video feeds with real-time alerts to customized dashboards for decision-makers and empowering online monitoring.

• Customized actions: you can configure multiple outcomes based on different events or behavior that takes place during a session administration.

The bottom line

AI proctoring can redefine the education sector and has made everything possible virtually. AI-integrated technology in SwiftAssess can ensure the authenticity of the test by preventing the candidate from cheating and involving in unfair means during the assessment.