Hire the Best Talent with SwiftAssess Assessment Platform

Pre-employment assessments such as cognitive ability tests, work samples, and job knowledge tests are good predictors of job performance. SwiftAssess is an online assessment paltform that can be administered quickly and easily through well-designed platform. SwiftAssess is a one-stop solution for all your assessment needs, ranging from tried and tested methodologies and features that guide your journey through authoring, delivering, and tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization.

Comprehensive online assessment tests for hiring the right fit

GamaLearn’s online assessment paltform makes the recruitment process easier and allows organizations to execute competency-based assessments for talent hiring. Our assessment platform and online exam system help administer online assessment tests that users can access anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

What solutions does SwiftAssess provide for hiring the best talent?

1. Digital assessment: everything from summative, formative, wide-scale and ad-hoc assessment-SwiftAssess’s aims to provide the most comprehensive assessment platform globally, offering multiple solutions for all versatile assessment challenges.

2. Secure exam sessions: a digital examination system without a proper security framework can ruin the overall quality of the exam process. Therefore, SwiftAssess provides multiple high-stake security features, including a secure lock-down browser on desktops and tablets, an AI proctor for remote assessments, on-screen watermarking, and much more.

3. Offline mode exams: you don’t have to worry about internet connections using SwiftAssess for online exams. Our assessment cache unit has no dependency on the internet and external networks, offering enterprise offline exam delivery quality and experience.

4. Flexible delivery options: conducting online exams can be a daunting process. However, SwiftAssess allows candidates to access their exams remotely using “BYOD” bring your own device methodology to allow candidates to access exams on laptops, desktops, tablets, which can still have security options that maintain it, such as the AI proctor. In addition to allowing candidates to take the online exam on and off the campus.

5. Advanced grading solutions: SwiftAssess provides multiple schemes and options for grading, which helps graders save time and effort and make grading effective and eliminate human errors. Grading written questions types in SwiftAssess is divided into two types only. Discrete marking is adding marks based on stickers and building of grading criteria to compute the final grade of the question directly.

The bottom line

With our online assessment platform, you can train, assess, and improve your employees’ knowledge and skills. Our strategy for learning and assessment is that we must provide the right tools for corporates to train their employees, test them and help them improve their skills and knowledge.