Characteristics of the Best Online Assessment Platform for Higher Education

For the unstoppable growth of students, effective learning and evaluation is a must. The existing assessment techniques allow teachers to assess students’ learning using various methods manually. The introduction of online assessment software for higher education has transformed the whole realm of how assessment is done these days.

The best online assessment platform has these features:

Custom Scoring

It allows you to add value to each answer individually. This way, you can calculate scores for the entire assessment and split it up into as many categories as you want.

User-Friendly Interface

The best online assessment software for higher education is a tool with a user-friendly interface. Teachers and administrators can easily use this to create assessments, questionnaires, and reports and evaluate performance. In addition, it allows respondents to fill the assessment, collect results, and communicate with students and parents using their credentials.

Immediate Personalized Feedback

The automated report generator provides the users with a personalized feedback report based on individual answers immediately after the assessment. In addition, many assessment tools enable you to design your style and alternate between texts, graphics, images, and more.

SwiftAssess helps institutions evaluate students’ performance, collect meaningful data from their learning, and gain a holistic picture of student learning and teaching. Online assessment software for higher education makes it even easier for institutions to improve their education strategies continuously.