6 benefits of using SwiftAssess for Institutions

Customized end-to-end assessment tests are crucial for hiring and workforce development for the corporate sector, online evaluation, admission management, and examinations for educational institutions. Assessment management platform is specifically designed for end-to-end online assessment for professional and educational industries. SwiftAssess is an online assessment software that helps administer conduct exams, assess them, and access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether conducting online examinations or assessing training effectiveness, SwiftAssess can provide you with the following key benefits.

  • Reduced administrative burden: organization considerably decrease the administrative burden or organizing and conducting exams when it moves online. Printing and circulating exams on paper and preparing consignments of completed scripts to markers is a time-consuming and costly process. SwiftAssess significantly reduce the administrative burden.
  • Workforce development: an engaged, skilled, and motivated workforce lies at the core of smooth business operations and long-term competitive success. Training assessment plays a crucial role in helping organizations understand their skill level, domain knowledge, and cognitive and behavioural characteristics to craft relevant workforce development programs. In addition, our assessment software helps employees understand how their skills fare against the latest industry standards.
  • Collaborative question authoring: online assessment software makes it easier for the examining body to manage all the tasks involved in creating exams. For instance, authoring questions can be done collaboratively, with a transparent workflow for review and approval before attaching them to the question bank.
  • Cognitive assessment: cognitive assessment test helps organizations to assess candidate’s ability to learn quickly, solve problems, comprehend new ideas, and achieve performance targets. These tests can accurately predict more about a candidate’s capabilities than face to face interviews. The test scores can tell how good a job applicant will perform in the job role and how well an employee will learn new skills through training programs.
  • Increased security: another advantage of online assessment software is greater security. All exam papers, marks, candidate details, and results are digitally stored. In addition, only the people who should access exam data can be granted the proper system access. It isn’t easy to control access, storage and results management with paper-based exams.
  • Assessment reporting: online assessment expedites quick and clear reports of candidates results and progress. It makes it easier to give valuable feedback to candidates on their performance, areas where they are skilled, and areas of learning that require more attention.
  • Assessment accessible to all: when you run an assessment online, it is convenient to adapt those assessments for candidates who need special consideration.

The bottom line

SwiftAssess is an assessment management platform for all your Assessment needs, ranging from tried-and-true methodologies and features that guide your journey through authoring, delivering, and tracking your assessment transformation strategy at all levels in your organization.