Value-based Bundles

Welcome to the SwiftAssess Hub, where we offer an array of value-based bundles for your benefit. 

Explore our comprehensive selection, divided into Test Vouchers and User Licenses, designed to simplify your digital transformation with cutting-edge solutions. 

Experience the convenience of hassle-free access, ensuring that your online journey is seamless and effortless

Value-based bundles
User License​

User License

Unlock the potential of SwiftAssess with our Main User License Plans tailored for educational organizations. Our user licenses provide access to SwiftAssess where you can sign up for unlimited exams, enabling you to streamline your assessment processes effortlessly.

Explore our diverse range of plans, each packed with features designed to empower your institution to achieve more.

User License​
Value-based bundles

Test Vouchers

A SwiftAssess Test Voucher is your key to streamlined and secure testing. It provides one-time access for institutions and test centers, making it a convenient and cost-effective solution for single-test sign-ups.

With SwiftAssess Test Vouchers, you can simplify test management, maintain security, and ensure that each test-taker gets the opportunity they need.

Experience hassle-free testing with SwiftAssess Test Vouchers.