Revolutionize the modern learning by creating unique and interactive experiences for your students. You can transform your existing digital assets such as 3D models and multimedia content to engage your learners in high-order thinking and boost expected learning outcomes.


Key Benefits and Features:

Interactive Multimedia Assessments:

  • Enable ‘flipped learning’ concept by allowing your students to get the learning materials and interact with it, you can track their progress and intake for this specific topic and use the instructor as secondary reference for getting he information.
  • Map your multimedia assets to expected learning outcomes and track mastery levels.
  • Add multiple layers on top of your video and audio assets including questions and helpful captions and tips.

3D-based Assessments:

  • Cuts the costs of the existing investments and tests across different disciplines without special labs or equipment dependencies.
  • Let your learners to interact with realistic environments and models instead of passively working with static images and videos.
  • Engage students in Drag-Apart, Hotspot, Markers and more.
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