Lab Based Evaluation

Using SwiftAssess Observer for Lab Based Evaluations


Lab-based evaluation is a critical process for the teachers or lab assistants to watch, observe, and evaluate the students while doing experiments inside the lab. 

Normally it’s done using a traditional paper that can get affected by different aspects while using SwiftAssess observer allows you to use different observational forms to transform your traditional evaluations to fully interactive, mobile, and automated experiences with multiple ways to capture performance indicators.

How does Observer enhance Lab Evaluations Process?

Capture evaluation evidence

Capture photos, videos, inking and more to capture evidence of the lab evaluation

Mapped to the Outcomes

Fill out the lab based evaluations that will be linked directly to the curriculum’s expected learning outcomes

Evaluating one or more students

Whether you’re evaluating one student or multiple students as a group, you  will find the right options to help you get started

Examples of Forms that are applicable

Transform your current forms to digital observer forms that can be filled easily