Technology is feared by many, as they question security. Who is authorized to view the data? How secure an exam room is? Restricted browsing? Network and connectivity issues? These question always surface as hindrances to the learning process.


Our solutions:

  • SwiftAssess’ secure browser lock is flawless giving virtually no room for lapses. These browsers disable certain functions like printing, screen capping and opening of tabs.
  • Our secure delivery methods seamlessly align with mobility, in addition to desktop computers, our iOS Apps are secure and reliable.
  • Unauthorized users can be kept from accessing assessments not meant for them to prevent ‘leaking’ attempts with a range of advanced security settings followed by our solutions.
  • No Wi-Fi, no problems. With SwiftAssess, Assessments can be delivered flawlessly from anywhere and at anytime after loading on browser, without the need to rescheduling.