Introducing GradeMate - the comprehensive Assignment and Assessment mobile grading solution from SwiftAssess.


Download your work, grade offline at your own pace, and sync back whenever you're ready! Combine different features like bulk grading, filtering and advanced actions to reduce your workload and focus on what matters.

Key Benefits and Features:

The app is built with inking and intelligent capabilities in mind, to help speed up your grading and provide rich and meaningful feedback to your students.

  • Offline Grading Capabilities - any where, anytime.
  • Integrated Rubric Experience.
  • Integrated Annotation Experience with rich Feedback including Audio and Rich Text.
  • Grade Assignments, Projects and Open Ended Responses such as Handwriting, Essay questions (both text and mathematic modes).
  • Advanced filters and actions for bulk grading capability
  • If you're using a Microsoft Surface device, this app leverages the power of the Surface Pen to provide a smooth and integrated annotation experience.

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