Education Institutions have international accreditation as one of their top priorities. The management and faculty try to consolidate the needed data to fulfill the accreditation requirement. Having piles of assessments in one corner and bundles of printed reports in another is a continuous struggle.


Our Solutions:

  • Continuous on going assessments. Follow up with students’ performances relative to our predefined learning outcomes and indicators that are tied to every program. Get a complete picture in matters of seconds.
  • Save time and effort, SwiftAssess reduces the pressure on the faculty with Program Results that gives them the true progress of a program on their screens without having to retrieve reports from countless places.
  • Qualitative data and analytics, give a detailed view of the improvement made over a period of time, which allows accreditors to form quick, suitable derivations. This leads to a smoother accreditation process.
  • Drilling down to statistic details, and viewing division of the outcomes are options to perceive the progress of a program. Get closer to accreditation with every step.