User Managment

Manage all your students, teachers and administrators with ease

Customize your User Categories and Groups

Whether you are a school, college or a training firm - there is a way for you to manage your users. Break them down into terms, semesters or just group them according to topic and teacher. All changes to details are simplified through one screen for your convenience.



Import Examinees and Administrators

With SwiftAssess, importing your users is easier than ever. Whether your existing database is an Active Directory, CSV, Google Apps For Work/Education, Office365, you can import all of your users onto your SwiftAssess portal instantly.

Assign Tests and Surveys

You can assign examinees to assessments or make up assessments to a particular group of examinees or select individuals, based on your assessment activity plans and policies.



Manage Access Controls and Scopes

On SwiftAssess, you have Full Administrators and Limited Administrators. If you are the super adminstrator, you can import full administrators and limited administrators and set the definition of their roles and the scope of their access to parts of your system.

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