A secure environment for all your assessment needs

Deliver Your Assessments Securely and Safely

Make sure there are no attempts to cheat and the academic integrity of your assessments is upheld



Secure Mobile Apps For Your Assessments

In our mobile secure assessments, the examinee cannot exit the app or use other features of the device except those allowed. We have natively designed secure iOS Apps for iPads, Android Apps for Android Devices and Windows Apps for Surface and Windows Tablets

Secure Browsers For Your Assessments

We've made sure that your assessments are delivered safely, securely and with no compromise on quality on both Windows and Mac desktops. We support academic integrity and through our secure assessments, empower you to produce high quality results.


Role based access and authorization

This assigns different levels of access for administrators with defined scope of work and privileges, for a more secure & collaborative authoring environment.

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