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Let The Right Questions Be Asked

With SwiftAssess, you can reimagine the way questions are asked. With over 20 different types of questions from very basic to highly advanced, start asking questions the way they should be done.


Fast and Easy Authoring

With SwiftAssess, authoring your questions is simple, fast and easy. You can also add media and different settings like time limit, shuffling and much more. In addition, as you as author, you can preview your questions and see how the examinee will view them and interact with them.



Import Your Questions

If you have premade questions or have question sets, you can import them onto SwiftAsses. You can import CSV, IMS-QTI packages, so you don't have to author from scratch. Upload your packages and the questions will be added to your questions bank instantly.

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Media Library

Now, you can have all your media assets located in one complete library which you can access when authoring your questions and add them to assessments. Choose from a variety of media types like images, audio, videos and 3D in multiple formats.

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Test Any Skill In Any Field

Our program structure can be used to test any skill for work for any industry whether it is vocational, service, public, military or governmental.

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