Media Library

Make your questions come to life

Asessments Enriched With Media

Adding media to your questions in assessments will allow you
to expand your scope of testing any skill in any field.



NEW Introducing 3D Media

Now you can include 3D Media models and objects in your questions for assessments. Have your examinees interact(zoom, pan, rotate, take apart) with them and answer questions based on them. For using 3D Media on SwiftAssess, you don't need special software installation. It is cross browser and cross platform compatible so you can view it on any browser and on any tablet device.

Images, Audio & Video

Your assessments can be revolutionary and engaging using various kinds of media in your questions. Add an image, an audio clip or a video to your questions and make them more engaging and in depth to your examinees.



Upload From Many Places

SwiftAssess allows you to upload your media from your device, or your online media storage places like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox

Advanced Tagging

Tag your media and impart other characteristics to it to make it reusable and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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