Paper Delivery

Delivering a re-imagined version of Printable Exams

Any Paper. Any Printer. Any Scanner.

Presenting a simplified workflow that works with anything

Deliver Your Assessments

You don't need any special kind of paper when it comes to printable exams on SwiftAssess. We provide unique barcoding that will work on any paper and prevent papers from getting mixed up or tampered with.


Scan and Upload Responses

The collected assessments can be scanned on any scanner and all their responses will be automatically graded or captured for manual grading and mapped on SwiftAssess.


Instantly Report Results

After the grades have been settled, SwiftAssess will generate instant reports on your assessments and give you valuable insight into your examinee performances.



Simplified Grading

The paper based responses are automatically graded by the system after they have been scanned and uploaded. For essay questions, the evidence will be captured and mapped to the manual grading sections on SwiftAssess.

Supported Question Types

The supported question types are True/False, Mulitple Choice, Multiple Select and Essay questions.


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