Mobile Delivery

Smart Assessments now at your fingertips

Embracing BYOD, all the way to dedicated Apps & embedded assessments

The available assessments are compatible and accessible on any hand-held devices or tablets. The experience of these assessments is seamless when viewed across any device.


Apps for Any Device

Our apps designed, natively support iOS, Android and Windows devices seamlessly.

Google Chromebook App

Using Chromebook devices in your classroom? No worries, SwiftAssess has an app for that too!

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Highstake-exams ready

Our security enabled apps for iOS, Android and Windows have all the secure measures that ensure no examinee would be able to switch between apps, take screenshots, etc...

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Interactive Book Widgets

Assessments on SwiftAssess can now be embedded in common formats like iBooks, EPUBs, PowerPoint Apps or Chromebook Apps.

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