Assessment Authoring and Management

Creating assessments has never been easier

Create Formative, Summative and Diagnostic Assessments

Create your tests, practices and other assssments with a rich variety of our question types, or import from other examining body portals. Categorize you assessment strategy, schedule them accordingly, and control other related basic/advanced settings as per your teaching approach.

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Choose How Questions are Delivered

Assessments no longer have to be static and forced. With SwiftAssess, you can choose to have questions fixed or randomly ordered when presented to the examiness. This changes the make up of the exam and reduces attempts to cheat and make sure that the integrity of your assessments is kept intact.

Control Access

You can set your assessments to be accessed only by a selected group of examinees. Password protect or choose IP Filtering for your assessments to increase security.

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Assessments Preview

Before you can publish an assessment, you can fully interact with it and see what the examinee would experience. You can even submit that preview and see if your settings and answer choices have been made accurately. On your desktop, you can even emulate how the mobile native version of the assessment would look.

Save Time, Reuse

SwiftAssess allows you to duplicate an assessment and make necessary changes in it. E.g, you can add new indicators, questions and change chapters, so you don’t need to design the same type of assessment again. All the settings and features of the assessment will be retained.

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