Analytics and Reporting

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SwiftAssess offers you valuable insight into your assessment activities. With basic and advanced reports, you get a 360°- 24x7 view, whether you are evaluating your students, staff or curriculum.



Learning Outcomes Analysis

If your program is outcome based, you can view detailed, drilled down analytics and effectively measure the success of your program. This lets you know the achievement level of your program's objectives and indicators and point out areas of strengths and weaknesses that you may have missed.

Assessment Analysis

Any assessment you conduct(quizzes, tests or exams) is gathered into actionable data that gives you continous assessment results that can be used to make well informed decisions about your assessment activities. The automated reports also help you gain insight into comparative analysis to other groups or assessments. Advanced filtering also allows you to pin-point results to the most minute detail.



Course Effectiveness Analysis

With guided analysis on every detail, you can see exactly how effective your course structure is. Using the Course Results Analytics, you can make sure that you don't miss out on anything but deliver the best courses in quality and excellence.

Questions Analysis

Look no further when it comes to questions on par with standardized requirements. Using a thorough breakdown of your questions, you can see advanced data that will tell you of the complexity and quality of your questions and how they are being used to test knowledge and skill.



Survey Response Analysis

With specially designed Survey metrics, you can get the feedback you require. The Survey reporting will help you target the right places for improvement and growth.

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Examinee Performance Analysis

Use the Examinee Analytics to see how each assessment taker performed individually. Get insights that mean more and use that to help examinees get a clear picture of where improvement and success meet. In turn, examinees can also view their results in detailed analysis and see what needs work.




SwiftAssess endorses transparency at all times and lets the main administrators keep complete track of all the activity that goes on in the system. This allows no tampering and helps manage the upcoming activities and in addition, hold each past activity accountable.

Exports & Email

With SwiftAssess, any representation generated by the portal can be instantly exported to convenient formats like CSV, PDF, and even as PNG/JPG images. Results of individual examinees can also be emailed as attachments.


In addition to digital documents, SwiftAssess supports Print-Friendly Analytics that you can print out for physical reports and records.

Advanced Stats

For both quantitative and qualitative analysis, our sophisticated in-depth range of analytical data (including Cronbach's Alpha, p-value etc.) gives you all the elements you need to be well informed.

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