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GamaLearn, as a Strategic Partner with Microsoft, announces the launch of New Plans and Offers Available exclusively in Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace.

Exclusive Benefits for Microsoft Customers

As a Microsoft customer, choosing SwiftAssess comes with exclusive benefits

Early Adopters Program (EAP)

Early Adopters Program (EAP)

GamaLearn’s Early Adopters Program provides institutions with free early access to exclusive features before public release, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve with the latest updates. (Terms & Conditions Apply).

GamaLearn Community

Community Access

Join the GamaLearn Community for free to collaborate with educators, trainers, and professionals. Meet recognized experts in educational technology and people who use our products every day.

Discounted Pricing

Exclusive Discounts

Enjoy special pricing tailored to your needs, helping you save on your digital transformation journey when it comes to adopting e-assessment solutions. Read more about the cost-saving benefits in our blog post.

Empowering Small and Medium Businesses

SwiftAssess provides a variety of offers designed to accommodate different institutions of all sizes and requirements. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re mid-way through a digital transformation journey – we got you covered.

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