Face Detection

Face Scan tests for public schools in the UAE using SwiftAssess

Ministry of Education in UAE is conducting an unofficial test for students of all grades in various stages of education using the face print technology on the students. To ensure that the face verification feature is activated before entering the five-minute test, and its content does not focus on A specific subject.


The Ministry explained that the test targets students in all grades, as it will be available in the “SwiftAssess” system and contains one general question that is not related to a specific subject, and its duration does not exceed five minutes, and aims to experiment with using the camera with students and to experiment with facial recognition and its association with the ID number, and verify the improvements implemented in the system.

It is noteworthy that the facial verification feature is available in the Swift Access system for remote electronic tests. It is also mentioned that it is also one of the updates that have been added to increase the degree of security and to prevent cases of cheating and someone entering the exam instead of the student himself